Miriam Vogel (L'01)

United States Department of Justice

Former Associate Deputy Attorney General

Miriam joined the Obama Administration in 2009, working in both the White House and the Department of Justice.  Most recently, she served as Associate Deputy Attorney General for Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.  In that position, Miriam oversaw several components including the Antitrust Division; and led priority task forces, including the Attorney General's Intellectual Property Task Force and the Implicit Bias Training Initiative for Federal Law Enforcement.  Miriam was awarded the 2011 National Collaborative Spirit Award for her successful task force leadership.  Prior to joining the Administration, Miriam served as Associate General Counsel at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and as an IP lawyer in Los Angeles, after serving as a federal clerk in Colorado.  Miriam worked in the Clinton White House before graduating from Georgetown Law (JD '01).  Miriam also attended Georgetown Law most evenings from ages 7-11 with her mother, and continues to have a strong allegiance to the Law Center, including serving as a member of the Alumni Board.