Smruti Patel (L'04)

Nexus Vision

Principal & Founder

Smruti Patel works with organizations and leaders looking to accomplish exceptional business and professional goals. Smruti is a leadership coach and executive educator with an international client list and a career spanning corporate consulting and law. She brings a unique combination of intellectual rigor, keen business acumen and practical experience to each client engagement. Smruti exercises a high degree of discretion, mature judgment and tact in handling the most sensitive issues. Her experience, skills and qualities match perfectly with her passions for: leadership coaching, leadership workshops, facilitation and design, talent management, and culture and diversity.

With an international background and education (U.S.A., U.K. and Kenya) as well as work experience on five continents, Smruti partners with top-level executives and CEOs. Her services have been delivered to a breadth of industries that include organizations such as The Tata Group, Diageo, Standard Bank, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Coca Cola, Cargotec, Western Union and Royal Mail.

For a number of years Smruti practiced as an attorney at law firms in the U.K. such as Hogan Lovells and specialized in litigation and private wealth management. These experiences provided her with a results-oriented outlook and a deep understanding of the legal culture and the law firm environment.

In the business world, through her years of experience with CEB’s (now Gartner) premier business unit, the Corporate Leadership Council (CLC), Smruti has partnered extensively with Fortune 500 companies and Global 1000 organizations resulting in an advanced knowledge of international HR best practices particularly in high-potential development and succession management. She co-authored and managed the production of a research book titled "Upgrading Organizations' Talent Management Strategies".

Smruti is multi-lingual and her family has been living in Kenya for nearly a century. She grew up both in Nairobi and London and has lived in Washington, D.C. for several years. In 2009, Smruti launched her leadership development practice with a mission dedicated to "enabling leadership potential worldwide." She is the Founder and Principal at Nexus Vision and can be reached at both, and The website is