Dr. Reem Al-Ansari (L'15)

Dr. Reem Al-Ansari is a law professor who has worked at the World Bank in the (GAC) governance and anti-corruption unit. In addition to lecturing, she is the director of the legal research and studies division at the ROLACC Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Center in Doha, Qatar, where she established a specialized library on governance and anti-corruption. In 2015, she served as Permanente Secretary of IAACA International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities.

Al-Ansari was a fellow at Georgetown’s Center of International and Regional Studies in Doha during the 2015-2016 academic year. Moreover, she served as a visiting professor at Hamad Bin Khalifa University – School of Law and Public Policy.

Al-Ansari earned the prestigious EED award twice for her education excellence. She is in the final stages in publishing a book on the scope of anti-money laundering in Qatar. Her research interest revolves around international criminal law, anti-corruption, counter terrorism, terrorism financing, asset recovery, anti-money laundering, and finance law. She has built an anti-corruption curriculum from scratch using the most recent materials. She is the managing editor at ROLACC, an international peer-reviewed journal addressing matter of anti-corruption and rule of law.

She received her LLM specialized in international project finance from University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor, and earned her S.J.D. from Georgetown Law.