Elizabeth Scallon (MBAE'13)


Head of WeWork Labs, Northwest

Elizabeth Scallon is the head of WeWork Labs, Northwest. WeWork Labs is a global entrepreneurship program connecting global innovation hubs, while providing fierce local support for startups and entrepreneurs. Startups in the Northwest are able to leverage the WeWork Labs global platform in order to accelerate their growth.

Previously, Scallon lead CoMotion Labs at the University of Washington, a multi-industry, multiple location incubator system hosting over 90 startups from both inside and outside the University of Washington community.

Scallon has extensive experience in Startups, Incubation, and Global Innovation. She was one of the early team members of VLST, part of the inaugural class of biotech startups at Accelerator Corporation. She helped the company spin out from Accelerator and grow to over 50 employees and $35M in funding as the Head of Operations. She also lead the creation of her own mini-life science incubator as part of VLST hosting emerging Seattle Biotechs, such as Adaptive, Rarecyte and ZetaRx (now part of Juno). Prior to VLST, Scallon was the Lab Manager and Research Associate at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, research novel therapeutics for Breast Cancer.

Scallon received her Global Executive MBA from Georgetown University and ESADE, where she studied global innovation, entrepreneurship, and incubation with in country residences in Spain, Brazil, Argentina, China, India and US. She has her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Seattle University, and she has certificates in Data Visualization, Knowledge Management, Nonfiction Writing, and IT.